The winners of the 2011 BABYDOLL Smile contest have been determined and in First Place is a beautiful off-white ram from Rhonda Henderson who will now grace the middle spot on the header on NABSSAR's home page for the year.

Second and Third Place winners are from Betsy DeKoster. They will take their place on either side of our 1st place winner on the NABSSAR's home page.

About the Winners

First place winner Timmy (shown in the center above), is a wether born to breeders Kay and Tom Applebee of Nebraska. Timmy lives with his cousin Merrill in Saint Joseph, Missouri. They are two years old.

The Henderson's began to look for BABYDOLLS as pets for Rhonda's husband who was at the time battling a serious illness. He loved taking care of the boys and would walk them on leash around the yard. They provided companionship and service by helping to mow the lawn. Mr. Henderson succumbed to his illness last Spring and Rhonda tells us that the last video they have of him is walking the yard with his "boys".

Thank you for sharing this beautiful boy with us, Rhonda! Rhonda will receive a pair of new hoof trimmers that we're sure Timmy will enjoy too!

Second and third place winners were actually a tie. Taco (green collar) is a triplet. His two sisters, Fajita and Chiquita, hogged mom's milk so he was a partial bottle baby. Both were born to breeder Betsy DeKoster, of Kentucky. Taco is out of Betsy's "model" sheep, Ellen. Ellen is the sheep on her business cards, car magnets, and barn quilt. She is one of the first BABYDOLLS the DeKosters purchased from Diane Spisak's Sheepfields flock. Taco is now a wether and is being spoiled rotten by Kris, Lisa, and Mattea in Tennessee.

Fiesta (pink collar) is a twin out of Betsy's very favorite ewe, Lily. Lily is a wonderful mother and all around sweet and special BABYDOLL. Her lambs are always spectacular! Fiesta, and her twin sister Siesta, now reside with Kellie Widner, in Tennessee, at a petting zoo.

Thank you for entering the contest, Betsy! Since Betsy's lambs took second and third, she has chosen a pair of hoof trimmers and a wool felted BABYDOLL.

Since we're all a part of this beautiful breed's registry, ALL entrants will be used somewhere on the website. This is great exposure for all of you as members and as breeders. We have no doubt you'll see a bump in sales when you can point to your sheep as being featured here.

For the rest of us who forgot to submit our pictures — there's always next time. Now you see the value in participating, you'll want to get entries in early and whenever you get a picture representing the BABYDOLL Southdown smile.

For fun, see of you can find the pages with our contestants. As a reminder, their pictures are still posted below.

Thank you to everyone who submitted pictures and voted! Be sure to check back often for an announcement for the next BABYDOLL Smile contest!

Updated as of 09/14/2014